1/3, 4: Talked about Semester II. Conversations in Spanish about Winter Break. Regular Preterite song, Irregular Preterite song. Learned about and practiced Indirect Object Pronouns. Tarea: Review regular preterite forms by (re-) doing “More 5 ar/er/ir, preterite, present, all infin” on Conjuguemos. For credit, get 25 right with 90% accuracy. Don’t forget to refer to the Past Tense Sheet and Verb Review III (downloadable in previous quarters) if you’re a little rusty!

1/5, 6: Received Grammar Packet. Learned how to do the “Hace time expression” from section A in the Grammar Packet and this Power Point. Preterite Songs, Comparative song. Practiced indirect object pronouns with two verbs and attached pronouns. Learned how to remember what an indirect object is: INdirect objects have “to” or “for” IN them. Talked about using the novel we’re about to read in Spanish to make you a better reader in English. Tarea: If you were unable to complete the homework for last class, you have a second opportunity to do so. You will need to print your score sheet and turn it in to receive credit. Don’t miss it–this is an important opportunity to review material that will keep stalking you throughout the semester! Also, begin learning two categories from the new vocab list: las etapas de la vida, and las relaciones personales, along with pasarlo bien, divertirse, and a few other reflexives (in bold print) from the celebraciones section. Here is the Quizlet for these words. The quiz will be three classes from today.

1/9, 10: Irregular preterite and comparative songs. More hace time expression practice. Read Epílogo and 20 agosto in TierraTarea: For credit, re-read the epilogue and first chapter of Tierra and get 90% correct on Tierra: prólogo, 20 agosto. Continue preparing for the vocabulary quiz class-after-next. Don’t forget: pronounce them like they’re spelled, so you can spell them like they sound!

1/11, 12: Songs. Practice preterite by passing cards. Review direct object and reflexive pronouns by passing cards, including new reflexives. Read 22 agosto from Tierra.  Tarea: Re-read 22 agosto and get 90% on Tierra: 22 agosto. The vocabulary Quiz is postponed by one class. Continue preparing for quiz by completing the Conjuguemos activity Text Vocab Sem 2 Test 1″. By the day of the quiz, get at least 15 correct with 90% accuracy on this activity.

1/13, 17: Read 23 agosto. Practice preterite, d.o.’s and reflexives. Tarea: Finish preparing for quiz next class by getting at least 15 correct with 90% accuracy on “Text Vocab Sem 2 Test 1″.

1/18, 19: Vocabulary Quiz postponed to today. Irregular preterite song. Comparatives song. Irregular preterites cards. Hace time expression review and preparation for homework. Read and discuss 26 agosto, 27 agosto. Tarea: Re-read 23 agosto and 26 agosto, and do the Quia activity 23, 26 agostoFor credit, get at least five of the six questions correct. Be aware that every question on the test over Tierra will come from these homework activities. The questions will be identical to what you find on Quia, so take these assignments seriously! Also, due on the day of the test (class-after-next), get 15/85% on “Hace Time Expression” in Conjuguemos, and 25/90% on “Preterites, Irregular”. This PowerPoint, along with section A in your grammar packet, will help you with the hace time expression.

Click here to download the songs we’ve been using in class.

1/20, 23: Songs. Read 28 agosto, discussed in groups. Talk about test. Go to lab to do whatever you need to practice for test.  Homework: Test next class (vocabulary from quiz, regular preterites (from “regular” song: stem-changing, y, qu/gu/c–prepare by re-doing this quarter’s first assignment), irregular preterites (from song and lower-right of Past-Tense sheet), Tierra reading (multiple-choice questions pulled from Tierra Test 1), and the hace time expression (practice using most-recent assignment). To prepare for the reading portion, have your Tierra packet handy and work on the Tierra Test 1 assignment on Quia. Get 85% correct for credit, but if you accomplish this the first or second time, keep in mind that you’re not seeing about two-thirds of the questions, and that the questions you don’t see may be on the test. All questions on the test about the book  will come from this pool of questions, but not all of these questions will be on the test. It will probably take about three times through it to make sure you see all of the questions. Refer to the pages as you go, for both content and vocabulary!

1/24, 25: Test: p. 187 vocabulary, regular preterites , irregular preterites , Tierra reading through 28 agosto, hace time expression. Tarea: Empieza a aprender el vocabulario en la lista nueva usando este Quizlet. The words with asterisks are for recognition only. They will only be on the test, not on the quiz. For the up-coming quiz over the non-asterisked words, you’ll need to be able to know the Spanish when you see the English.

 1/26, 27: Canciones. Conversaciones. Review direct object and indirect object pronouns (separately) by passing cards. Use Chromebooks to learn and practice conjugating verbs in imperfect tense. Tarea: In Conjuguemos, 30/95% on “Imperfect Tense”. Continue working on Quizlet in preparation for the Quiz class-after-next over non-asterisked words (English-to-Spanish).

1/30, 31: Go over test. Tierra, 31 agosto. Practice direct and indirect pronouns. Converse about the weekend. Tarea: Continue working on the activity entitled “Text Vocab Sem 2 Test 2 no asterisk” over all non-asterisked textbook vocabulary. For class-after-next (quiz day) get 20 right with 90% accuracy for credit.

2/1, 2: Tierra, 1 septiembre. Tarea: Re-read 31 agosto and 1 septiembre and get 80% on the Quia activity over them for credit. Finish the activity entitled “Text Vocab Sem 2 Test 2 no asterisk” over all non-asterisked textbook vocabulary. Get 20 right with 90% accuracy for credit.

2/3, 6: Quiz (I give you English, you give me Spanish) over all non-asterisked words on the vocabulary list. Story in English to explain preterite/imperfect. Tierra, 3 septiembre. Tarea: Tierra 3 septiembre 80% or higher for credit. Prepare for quiz over conjugation in imperfect tense. If you can do “Imperfect Tense” in Conjuguemos without consulting your materials, you’re ready! Also, start learning Tierra vocabulary (English-to-Spanish) from this Quizlet,

2/7, 8: Quiz over imperfect tense conjugation. Tierra, 5 septiembre. Tarea: Prepare for test over 1. textbook vocabulary (with the addition of asterisked words for Spanish-to-English recognition only), 2. imperfect forms, 3. review of preterite forms, and 4. Tierra 31 agosto-5 septiembre (questions drawn from Tierra, Test 2), including the vocabulary on this Quizlet, English-to-Spanish.

2/9, 10: Test over vocabulary (words with asterisk are for recognition–Spanish-to-English–only), imperfect forms, review of preterite forms, and Tierra 31 agosto-5 septiembre, including the Tierra vocabulary on this Quizlet. Tarea: This is an opportunity, with no other homework assigned, to get good at “Preterites, All, with present”. Be careful, there are a few present-tense verbs that may pop up, and you’ll see some direct object pronouns as well. If you have trouble with this activity, figure out which types of verbs are causing you trouble, consult the information in the songs, and work on the activity that focuses on your area of weakness. You need to get to a high level of success on Preterite, All, with present” and stay there for as long as you take Spanish.

2/13, 14: Conversation about the weekend. Read 6 septiembre using the same mindset, skills, and techniques that we’ve been using in class. Translate through it in groups of four. Be prepared for a quiz over its content and vocabulary. To A312. in the lab, determine what your weak spots are regarding preterite (regular and/or irregular) forms, and choose Conjuguemos activities to help you eliminate them. If you are already a master of preterite forms (few of you are), try “Direct Objects, misc. formats”. Tarea: Also, continue your quest for excellence on preterite forms.

2/15, 16: Quiz over 6 septiembre. Go over test. Preterite/Imperfect stories in English. Preterite vs. Imperfect worksheet. PowerPoint: how to use d.o. pronouns and i.o. pronouns in same sentence. Narrated video demonstrating the use of double object pronouns. Card pass with double object pronouns.  Tarea: Read 8 septiembre. using the same mindset, skills, and techniques that we’ve been using in class, and be prepared for a quiz over its content and vocabulary. Also, continue your quest for excellence on preterite forms.

2/17, 21: Quiz over 8 septiembre. Read and discuss 10 septiembre. Double object pronoun practice. Tarea: Re-read the previous three chapters of Tierra and do the Quia activity “Tierra 6, 8, 10 septiembre“. Get 80% for credit. Also, read 18 octubre and come to class prepared for a quiz over it. Also, continue your quest for excellence on preterite forms.

2/22, 23:  Quiz, 18 octubre. Go over 18 octubre. Preterite/imperfect worksheet. Double object pronouns PowerPoint, Video, Cards. Tarea: Continue your quest for excellence on preterite forms. Re-read 18 octubre and do the Quia activity 18 octubre. Get at least 85% correct for credit. Read 20 octubre and do the Quia activity 20 octubre. Get at least 85% for credit.

2/24, 27: Go over 20 octubre. Read Tierra, 5 noviembre. Preterite vs. Imperfect worksheet. Double object pronouns PowerPoint, video, cards.  Tarea:  Read Epílogo and do the Quia activity over it… Also, begin working on “Preterite vs. Imperfect” on Conjuguemos. Remember that you’ll use preterite forms for actions or states that are “events”—that is to say that when the beginningend, or entirety of the action is represented by the one word; and you’ll use imperfect for actions or states presented as ongoing or repetitious. See your “Past Tense Sheet” (last page of grammar packet) for the full explanation. If you are weak on preterite and/or imperfect forms, this assignment will be harder than it needed to be. If forms are causing you more trouble than the preterite/imperfect decision, you need to go back to the types of verbs that give you the most trouble and practice them individually, then come back to the assignment when you’re good at the forms. You’ll need go get 15 right with 85% accuracy by the day of the test. Give it a try early and get an SRT pass if you think you’ll have trouble completing it on your own.

2/28, 3/1: Conversation. Preterite/Imperfect worksheet. Review of direct object pronouns (card passing). To lab to practice “Direct Objects, misc. formats” in ConjuguemosTarea: Read Epílogo. Also, be aware that there is a test class-after-next. Make sure that you are paying attention to your weak areas and trying to eliminate them.

3/2, 3:  Discussion of Epílogo. Preterite/Imperfect worksheet. To lab to practice whatever you need to practice in preparation for the test next class. Tarea: Prepare for Test: separate review sections on forms of preterite (regular and irregular) and forms of imperfect; preterite vs. imperfect fill-in-the-blank story (including any and all types of regular and irregular preterites); all Tierra reading since the last test (practice activity here); and direct object pronouns in any format used in the Conjuguemos assignment “Direct Objects, misc. formats”. Also, make sure you’re really good at yo-forms of the preterites, which you’ll need for the essay we’ll do in class.

3/6, 7: Test over preterite (regular and irregular) forms (review), imperfect forms, preterite vs. imperfect fill-in-the-blank story (including any and all types of regular and irregular preterites), all Tierra reading since the last test, and direct object pronouns in any format used in the Conjuguemos assignment “Direct Objects, misc. formats”. To lab to work on “II Writing Problems” in Quia, using the Writing Reference Sheet as a reference. Tarea: Introduction to Zorro: California and Mexican Independence from SpainLife in Spanish and Mexican California. The origins of the legend of Zorro.

3/8, 9: Write essay. Tres canciones: Preterites, Irregular Preterites, Comparatives. Conversaciones.  Tarea: Get good at preterite tense forms if you’re not already. They’re never going away. Re-watch the videos about California and get 90% or higher on the Quia quiz about their content.