8/1o, 11: Practiced greeting. Discussed importance of the formal forms. Received Class Guide. Completed information cards. Motivational (hopefully!) speech about the importance of taking Spanish because it will help you, not because someone is making you. Tarea: Read the class guide carefully, then do the Quia “quiz” linked below until you get 95% or higher. You may take it as many times as you need to in order to get the 95%, and you can (and should) look at the Class Guide as you take the quiz. You will get done a lot quicker if you do the reading carefully before you start.

You will need to make a Quia account to be able to take the quiz. First, copy the code for your class (B1: RCBG736, B3: BDXT997, G1: FPBJM678, and G3: HFB746) so that you can paste it in when prompted for the class code. I recommend that you use the same username and password that you would use to get into your school account, but if you can’t, or if Quia tells you that your username is taken, you may choose another, just MAKE SURE IT’S ONE YOU’LL REMEMBER!

You do not have to print anything to turn in. For almost all homework this year (unless I tell you otherwise), if you meet the minimum standard, you get 100%. If not, you get zero (unless you come in for help in SRT and let me help you complete the work).

Create a Quia account

Glass guide homework/open-notes quiz It will ask you to log-in. If you read carelessly, you will need to go back now and read the instructions carefully.

8/12, 15: Feedback about homework, questions about class guide, policies, and procedures. Received Verb Review I. (G1 class, I made a new version of Verb Review I and it’s much better! Click to check it out and see if you’d rather print and use the new version.) Review of regular verbs. To lab to get Conjuguemos account, or revise an existing account at Conjuguemos.com. If you’re creating an account on your own, watch this video that explains how to enroll in my class and see my Conjuguemos assignments. To learn how to use Conjuguemos, and for tips on how to get your work done quickly, watch this videoTarea: While consulting the Verb Review I sheet that I gave you, do the Conjuguemos activity entitled “Present, regular and irreg #1”. You will need to get at least 35 correct with at least 90% accuracy within the 5-minute time frame to receive credit for this review activity. You will reach this standard faster if you work slowly. Consult your sheet, and make a goal to stay at 100% even if you feel like you’re working very slowly. This will make the activity productive, and each round you will need to consult the sheet less and less, until you can easily reach the standard. If you want to get done quickly, the key is working slowly! Focus on quality, and the speed will follow! If you can’t complete this within 40 minutes, stop working and get an SRT pass.

If you would like to review these verbs before starting, or in-between rounds on Conjuguemos, here they are in a Quizlet.

8/16, 17: Academic dishonesty, safety. Talk about homework. Talked about overall plan for first quarter: we will cover key foundational material in class, much of the review will be in the form of homework, we will begin stories soon that will enable you to learn by hearing lots of comprehensible Spanish. Practiced verbs. Learned about how “taco/burrito/Pepe” can help you graduate very soon from pronunciation and spelling in Spanish. Practiced greeting and introducing yourself. Received ¡Repásalas! packet. Homework: Do Quia activities below over Repásalas 11. Start with the Repásalas 11 matching activity. (Your computer may ask you to update your Java. Follow all instructions for the update, close and re-open your browser, and the matching activity should work. If it doesn’t, you can use this Quizlet to get familiar with the words. Make sure you’re pronouncing the words correctly to yourself as you match them up! When you are able to do the matching quickly, move on to the type-in “Quiz” activity where you have to spell them. Spell them like they sound! Click on “click to float” to make the accent mark bar follow you down the page. Get 90% right for credit.

8/18, 19: Question word song. To computer lab to work on question words, deal with computer-work issues, and practice prepositions of location (Repásalas 15). Talk about “story mode” expectations: clear desks off, participation is measured by eyeballs, answer questions with the class even if they seem like dumb questions, contribute to the story if you want to, no English. Question and answer time to become familiar with the three “Main Words” for the story (listed below).Tarea: Two assignments, approximately twenty minutes each. First, in Conjuguemos, do the assignment entitled “Prepositions of Location.” You’re NOT doing the one with Repásalas 8 and 10. For credit, get at least 30 right with at least 90% accuracy. The prepositions of location are found in the Repásalas packet, section 15. Feel free to practice them first in this Quizlet. Also do the Quia activity over the Main Words I introduced during the Q&A time: Main Words 1 Q&A 1. There are only ten multiple-choice questions: get 100% to receive credit. Main words are listed here:

quería nadar= (he/she/you formal) wanted to swim

fue a la piscina= (he/she/you formal) went to the pool

pudo nadar= (he/she/you) formal was able to swim

8/22, 23:  Question Word song. More question-and-answer time with Main Words. Watched The Chocolate Video to practice Main Words. Started the first reading.  Tarea: In Conjuguemos, do “Prepositions of Location w/rep. 8 & 10.” Here are two Quia activities to help you review Repásalasand Repásalas 10 if you need them. This Quizlet is a combination of the two sections. Remember, a+el = al, de+el = del. The words for “a” and “the” and the rules for masculine/feminine are located in the upper-right of the Repásalas packet. Exceptions to the masculine/feminine rules are shown in parentheses in front of any words (like calle) that are exceptions. For credit, get at least 20 right with at least 90% accuracy. Do the Quia quiz II MW 1 Chocolate Video , based on this video we viewed in class (this is a silent movie). 90% accuracy required on the multiple-choice activity for credit.

8/24, 25: Question Word Song. Finished the readingEs La Una song. More Q&A, Quick review of the Chocolate Video. First part of story 1. Tarea: Start with the Quia matching activity Repásalas 9 and 22.  Do that until you’re fast at it, then do II Tener Expressions (Rep. 9 and 22) until you’re good at that. (Use “click to float” to make the accent palette follow you down the screen.) Then, for credit, get 90% or higher on II Tener exp. and House (Rep. 9, 10, 22)

8/26, 29: Talk about today’s homework. Re-cap and conclusion of Story 1. Es La Una, Q-Word, Stress songs. Review of stress rules, and their importance in being able to use accent marks without memorization. Pronunciation practice. Practice spelling words from hearing. Tarea: Extension of previous homework deadline to next class. Prepare for a Quiz over Repásalas 8, 9, 10, 15 and 22. On the quiz, I will give you the English, and you will spell-out the Spanish. IF YOU CAN DO THE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS OVER THESE SECTIONS WITHOUT CONSULTING YOUR MATERIALS, YOU ARE READY. IF NOT, YOU’RE NOT!

8/30, 31: Quiz, Repásalas 8, 9, 10, 15 and 22. Pronunciation and spelling practice. Songs. Talk about test next time. To lab to prepare for test. Homework: Study for test over the following: 1. Verb review 1 (material from Conjuguemos assignment “Present, regular and irreg #1) 2. Repásalas 8-11, 15, 22. 3. Main Words we’ve been working on will appear in a written story and an oral story, about which you will answer T/F and short-answer questions. You will also have a section in which you will translate Main Words—some English-to-Spanish, some Spanish-to-English. If you can do II Main Words Practice for Test 1 without looking anything up, you’ll be more-than prepared for the Main Words section.  It’s been a while since we’ve done Repásalas 11, so here are a matching and a type-in activity to help you review them.


9/1, 2: Test over Verb Review I, Repásalas 8-11, 15, 22, and Main Words. See above for details. Received Verb Review II. Talked about –go verbs and stem-changers. Sang preterite forms song. Tarea: The verb emphasis of the homework between now and the next test will be the verbs on the front side of Verb Review II: the Stem-Changers and the –go Verbs. Next class (it will not be due until class-after-next) you will be assigned “Present, -go verbs and stem-changers” in Conjuguemos. Obviously, you’ll need to be good at each topic separately before you can be good at them together on a timed assignment. Here are the steps to get there, hopefully in 80 minutes or less: Step 1 is to carefully read what I have written for you about the stem-changers in “Verb Review II”. Step 2 is to do two Conjuguemos activities that require knowledge only of the pattern, not of the meanings: “Present, –ue s.c. conj. only” and “Present, –ie s.c. conj only”. Step 3, you choose whether you want to start with this Quizlet to learn the verb meanings, or the Conjuguemos activity “Stem-Changers: English to Infinitive” (to practice the meanings alone), or to practice –ue’s and –ie’s separately on “Present, –ue stem-changers” and “Present, –ie stem-changers”, or whether you want to go straight to “Present, -ie and -ue s.c.”. Step 4 is to read about and do “Present, -go verbs”. Step 5 is to do the one that is for credit, which is “Present, -go verbs and stem-changers”. This will not be due until class-after-next, but you don’t want to put it off and end up spending lots of time in front of the computer later! See standard below if you want to finish it early.

9/6, 7:  Stress Song and accent marks. Passed cards to focus on pronunciation of stem-changers. To lab to work on stem-changers and –go verbs. Sang Stress Song, Question Song, and Preterite Forms song. Tarea: “Present, -go verbs and stem-changers, 40/90%”. Don’t forget that steps 1-4 above will help you eliminate your weak spots one-by-one and will probably help you get done faster!

9/8, 9:  Went over test. Received “The Past Tense Sheet“. Sang “Preterite” song and practiced the preterite (past tense used for events) endings by passing cards. Practiced stress rules and “hearing” if a word has an accent mark or not. Went to lab to get a start on the homework. Tarea: Work your way up to “Repásalas 4-5 (Write in Spanish)”. You will have to write the articles (in the correct gender) with these, so you will need to know the masculine/feminine rules (upper right of front side of Repásalas list) and the exceptions, which are indicated in 4-5 by the articles in parentheses in front of the word. You should start this Quizlet to become familiar with the words and practice their pronunciation, but make sure you also do “Repásalas 4-5 Matching with Articles” to review masculine and feminine articles, and to become familiar with the exceptions to the gender rules. Then do “Articles and Gender” to make sure you’ve got articles and gender down. When you’re sure you’ve got it, move on to “Repásalas 4-5 Recognition”. When that’s easy, do “Repásalas 4-5 (Write in Spanish). Must get 95% for credit.

9/12, 13:  Talk about Fiesta Indianapolis. Introduce new main words w/ Q&A time and slides. Preterite song, and practice with card passing. Brief overview of making plurals, along with “Picky Details 1&2”. Tarea: Read up on the rules for making plurals that are found on the bottom of the last page of the Repásalas packet. Take your time and read carefully—everything you need is there! Then, in Conjuguemos, do “Plural Nouns and Articles.” Get at least 20 right with 95% accuracy.

9/14, 15:  Talk about homework difficulties. Main Word Practice with this cartoon, First Sang preterite forms song. Practiced preterite forms by passing cards. Tarea: Prepare for quiz over Repásalas 4-5, with articles and making plurals. If you can do the last two homeworks well without consulting your materials, you are ready!

9/16, 19: Quiz, Repásalas 4-5, with articles and making plurals. Main words practice and 1st half of story. Lectura 2 over a fun adventure I once had. Tarea: Prepare for test next time: 1. I highly recommend doing the Quia quiz entitled “II Main Words Practice for Test 2” until you are good at the main words. Main Words are found on the back of the reading. Test will include all main words (including those from the first test). 2. Make sure you know all the words from Repásalas 4-5 with articles and gender, along with all rules regarding making words plural. If you can do the Repásalas activites over 4-5 well, you’ll be fine on the test. 3. Practice all of the verbs we’ve reviewed so far, with a heavy emphasis on the words and conjugations from the Conjuguemos activity “Present, -go verbs and Stem-Changers” from the front side of Verb Review II. If you can do that activity, and “Present, regular and irreg #1″, you’ll do well on that section. For additional reading/main words practice, it would probably be a good idea to re-read Lectura 2 and get at least 90% on the Quia activity entitled II Lectura 2 Q&A. This is not for credit, just for practice. You may finish faster if you read slower. Don’t forget that the Main Words are found on the back of the reading as well as right here:

Main Words so far

quería nadar = he/she/you/I wanted to swim

fue a la piscina = he/she/you went to the pool

(no) pudo = he/she/you was (not) able

lo pasó bien = he/she/you had a good time (passed it well)

lo pasé bien = I had a good time (passed it well)

me gustó = I liked it (it pleased me)

había mucha gente = there were a lot of people

iba a + infinitive = he/she/you/I was going to _____

9/20, 21: Test over all Main Words from this unit and last, all verbs and conjugation from this unit and last, and Repásalas 4-5 with gender/articles/plural rules. After test, prepare in lab for geography quiz.  Tarea: Prepare for quiz (class-after-next) over the locations and spellings (in Spanish) of the Spanish-speaking countries. You do NOT need to learn the capitals yet. The Spanish-speaking countries are spelled correctly and mapped on the sheet I gave you. Step 1 is to review the locations of these countries, and you can do so by using this activity for Central America and the Caribbean, and this activity for South America. These activities are in English, and include some countries that are not on the list. You are not responsible for non-Spanish-speaking countries! Step 2: When you’re quick with the locations, look over the country names on the sheet, and practice PRONOUNCING THEM CORRECTLY! Step 3: do the Quia activity Map Quiz until you are good at finding and spelling the countries in Spanish, including accent marks. USE GOOD PRONUNCIATION, AND SPELL THEM LIKE THEY SOUND as you practice. The map quiz works more smoothly if you zoom out to 75% in your browser.

9/22, 23: Preterite Forms song. Practiced preterite tense by passing cards. Conversation in Spanish about yesterday and this weekend. Practiced spelling words (with and without accent marks) by hearing them. Receive Verb Review III. To lab to practice three categories of verbs: verbs that often go with indirect object pronouns, e-i stem-changers, and –zco verbs. Tarea: Finalize preparation for quiz over locations and spelling of Spanish-speaking countries. Get started on “Present, –zco, e-i, i.o. verbs (V.S. III)” on Conjuguemos. Get 35 right with at least 90% accuracy. There is a Quizlet over the words if you’d like to start with straight translation. The Conjuguemos activity will be due 9/28, 29, along with the other homework due that day, so work on this activity a little each day until then.

9/26, 27: Quiz over the locations and spellings (in Spanish) of the Spanish-speaking countries. Go over test. Practiced i.o. pronouns. Time in lab to work on 3Ps projects. Tarea: Before doing the activity over Pointing Words (Repásalas 16) and Possessives (Repásalas 17) that’s for credit (below) you may wish to do this activity over pointing words and/or this exercise with body parts, to help you remember possessives and body parts. You’ll definitely want to pay attention to the boxes and arrows below Rep. 16 and 17 to get a solid review of the possessives and pointing words. When you’re ready, do “II Pointing Words (16) and Possessives (17)”. Get 90% correct for credit. You may also wish to spend time on your 3P’s project. If you’re memorizing the Regular Preterite Song, you already have the lyrics in the “The Past Tense Sheet”. Click here to download the Regular Preterite Song, and/or any other we’ve been using in class. For the 100 Most-Common Words, download the vocabulary list, begin practicing with this matching activity, then do the quiz activity.

9/28, 29:  Questions over homework? Worked on indirect object pronouns. Learned gestures for the new main words. Talked through a movie over the main words. Heard first part of story. Homework: Work on your 3Ps project.

10/30: Happy Homecoming! You can use this time to prepare for the geography quiz, to work on “Present, –zco, e-i, i.o. verbs (V.S. III)” on Conjuguemos, or both. If you don’t have your materials with you, you can download them above.Reviewed gestures, finished story.

10/3, 4: To lab to work on Escoge ”. Talked about test. Tarea: Prepare for test next class. This test will be on this grading period. The test is over: 1. all Main Words (see below). To make sure you’re ready for the three sections containing Main Words, practice the Quia quiz “II Main Words for Test 3”. 2. The locations and spelling of Spanish-speaking countries. If you can do this: this activity, without looking at your notes, you’re ready. 3. Repásalas 14, 16, 17, (the last homework assigned), and; 4. verbs from the bottom-front of Verb Review III (verbs that go well with indirect object pronouns, –zco verbs, and e>i stem-changers). If you can do “Present, –zco, e-i, i.o. verbs (V.S. III)” on Conjuguemos without using your materials, you’re ready. There is no past tense on the test besides what you need to know for the Main Words. There are no direct or indirect object pronouns, or reflexive verbs. You do not need to know the capitals of Spanish-speaking countries. Since there was no new reading for this set of Main Words, I’m giving you the opportunity to preview the reading section that will be on the test: Test 3 Reading Preview.

10/5, 6: Test over all Main Words, locations and spelling of Spanish-speaking countries, Repásalas 14, 16, 17, and verbs: verbs that go well with indirect object pronouns, –zco verbs, e>i stem-changers, all from the front of Verb Review III. There is no past tense on the test besides what you need to know for the Main Words. There are no direct or indirect object pronouns, or reflexive verbs. After the test, we will work on the 3Ps project. Tarea: Work on the 3Ps project, due Friday (can be presented in SRT). Gold day only: Bring homework and study materials for other classes. There may be some silent study time, because there may be make-ups and 3Ps projects to be done in class.

All Main Words

quería nadar = he/she/you/I wanted to swim

fue a la piscina = he/she/you went to the pool

(no) pudo = he/she/you was (not) able

lo pasó bien = he/she/you had a good time (passed it well)

lo pasé bien = I had a good time (passed it well)

me gustó = I liked it

había mucha gente = there were a lot of people

iba a + infinitive = he/she/you/I was going to _____

en ningún lado = nowhere

en algún lado = , somewhere

dejó su teléfono = he/she/you left his/her/your telephone

debe buscar = he/she/you should look for

no lo vi (vio) = I (he/she/you) didn’t see it

10/7, 10: Analyzed first two verses of preterite song in groups. Completed any make-up tests or quizzes. Presented 3Ps. Tarea: In Conjuguemos, do “More –ar verbs infinitives only”. Get at least 45 right with at least 90% accuracy for credit. These verbs are found on Verb Review III.

Please refer to the Q2 page for work beyond 10/10.